Column/Magbead Viral Nucleic Acids Extraction Kit

Time: 2024-03-17

Viral DNA/RNA Kit(Column).English

Magbead Viral DNA/RNA Kit.English

Instruction(Magbeads) 日本語の商品紹介

Product Description:

1. It is suitable for simple, rapid and efficient extraction and purification of viral DNA/RNA from swabs, serum, plasma, alveolar lavage fluid, tissue homogenate and other samples;

2. The obtained viral nucleic acid has high purity and stable quality, and is suitable for experiments such as PCR, qPCR and high-throughput sequencing.

3. When used in conjunction with the fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, 1-96 samples can be extracted at one time, only 25-30 min is needed, which greatly reduces the workload of the experimenter and the artificial error in the experiment;