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This product is a premixed system composed of Super Pfx DNA Polymerase, Mg2+, dNTPs, and PCR stabilizers and enhancers at a concentration of 2×. Super Pfx DNA Polymerase is a fast, high-efficiency, high-fidelity DNA polymerase with 5'-3' DNA polymerase activity and 3'-5' exonuclease activity. This polymerase is modified from other high-fidelity enzymes, has strong amplification ability, rapid amplification speed (4-6 kb/min), and high fidelity. This polymerase overcomes some defects of Pfu polymerase such as the poor amplification ability, low yield and amplification rate, which greatly shortens the reaction time.

The formulation of MasterMix makes the entire reaction system very stable, and suitable for the amplification of various fragment templates, minimizing human error and contamination. This product does not contain dyes, and an appropriate amount of sample loading buffer should be added for electrophoresis.

The PCR product does not have an "A" base at the 3' end and can be directly used for blunt-end cloning. For T/A cloning, it is necessary to add "A" to the end of the PCR product.

Catalog number Specifications
CW2965S 1 ml
CW2965M 5 ml

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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