cfDNA Storage Tube (PET, 10 mL)

The cell-free DNA storage tube can be directly used for blood collection and transportation, and stabilize the cfDNA in it. The storage solution is composed of EDTA anticoagulant and special protective agent, which can effectively inhibit the nuclease in plasma and prevent cells from releasing genomic DNA. This product is suitable for NIPT and early diagnosis. cfDNA can be extracted from blood samples in cfDNA storage tubes, and the extracted cfDNA can be used for downstream detection and analysis. At the same time, the product can also be used for the preservation of genomic DNA in blood nucleated cells.

This product is for scientific research only, which shall not be used for clinical diagnosis or other purposes.

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Storage condition: 2-35.
Days of preservation: 12 months.
Transport conditions: RT.
Catalog number Specifications
CW2815S 5 tubes
CW2815M 50 tubes

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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