HiFi PCR Mix for NGS

This product is a premixed system consisting of hot-start enzyme, PCR Buffer, dNTPs, Mg2+, and PCR stabilizers and enhancers. It has high fidelity, high extensibility, and low preference. For complex DNA templates (such as high GC content template), it has a balanced amplification efficiency. This product is particularly suitable for the amplification of multiplex PCR during the construction of NGS library. The highly efficient hot-start enzyme contained in this product does not have polymerase activity at room temperature, thus effectively avoiding non-specific amplification. The combination of a unique buffer system and a hot-start enzyme significantly improves the efficiency of the PCR, resulting in a wider range of amplification. This product effectively increases the amplification efficiency of high GC or high AT regions in the genome, reduces the amplification preference and increases the coverage area of sequencing.

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CW2648S 1 ml
CW2648M 5 ml

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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