HiFiScript gDNA Removal cDNA Synthesis Kit

This product is a kit for reverse transcription after removal of genomic DNA. The kit removes genomic DNA in 2 minutes at 42°C. Meanwhile, because the reverse transcription reagents contain components that inhibit gDNA Eraser, the sample processed by gDNA Eraser can be directly used for reverse transcription reaction to synthesize cDNA.This kit contains a novel high-performance reverse transcriptase HiFiScript. The novel mutation site greatly enhances the transcriptional activity of the enzyme. The efficiency and yield of cDNA first-strand synthesis are higher, and the first strand of cDNA can be synthesized using pg total RNA or mRNA. If the cDNA is used for downstream qPCR, the reverse transcription reaction can be completed at 42°C for 15 minutes. This kit is suitable for the synthesis of first-strand cDNA and subsequent RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and construction of full-length cDNA libraries.

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CW2582M 100 rxns

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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