Blood Genomic DNA Mini Kit (0.1-1mL)

The kit is suitable for extracting total DNA including genomic DNA, mitochondria DNA and virus DNA, from fresh or frozen anticoagulated blood (blood samples treated with citrate, EDTA, heparin), plasma, serum, buffy coat, lymphocytes, and cell-free body fluids, etc. This product can handle 0.1-1 mL of whole blood with a maximum yield of 30 μg and can be used to purify DNA ranging from 100 bp to 50 kb. The purified DNA has high yield and excellent quality, which has been maximumly removed of contaminations such as protein, pigment, lipid and other inhibitory impurities.

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Storage condition: Buffer RCL 2-8, Other RT.
Days of preservation: 12 months.
Transport conditions: RT.
Application: The purified DNA can be directly used in experiments such as PCR, real-time PCR, enzyme digestion and Southern Blot.

Catalog number Specifications
CW2087S 50 preps
CW2087M 200 preps

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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