Gel Extraction Kit

This kit utilizes a new silica membrane technology and reagent formulation to recover 100 bp to 10 kb of DNA from agarose gels. This kit uses a unique spin column to bind DNA, followed by washing and eluting steps. The rate of gel dissolving is fast, and the recovery efficiency is high.The solution contains pH indicator, which can be used to determine if the gel recovery is optimal. Each column can adsorb up to 10 μg of DNA, while effectively removing impurities such as primers, enzymes, mineral oil, and agarose. The recovered DNA is high in purity and concentration and has good integrity. The DNA can be directly used for molecular biology experiments such as sequencing, ligation, transformation, labeling, and in vitro transcription.

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CW2302S 50 preps
CW2302M 200 preps

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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