Gel Extraction Kit

This kit adopts the new silicon matrix membrane technology and reagent formulation, through the unique centrifugal adsorption column can be quickly combined with the DNA-washing-elution step can be recovered from ordinary or low melting point agarose gel purification of DNA fragments of 100bp-10kb, the speed of lysis, high recovery rate. The lysate contains a pH indicator, which can be used to determine whether the lysate recovery is optimal according to the color. Each adsorption column can adsorb up to 10μg of DNA while effectively removing impurities.

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Storage condition: RT.
Days of preservation: 365 days.
Transport conditions: RT.
Application: Sequencing, ligation and transformation, labeling and in vitro transcription.
Catalog number Specifications
CW2302S 50 preps
CW2302M 200 preps

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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