GoldStar Probe One Step RT-qPCR Kit

This product is a special one-step Real-Time RT-qPCR kit using probe method (TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, etc.). When using this product for real-time RT-qPCR reaction, both reverse transcription and quantitative PCR are carried out in the same reaction system, and there is no need to add reagents or open the tube cover during the reaction process, which avoids contamination and improves the experimental efficiency. This product has high detection sensitivity, strong fluorescence signal and high signal-to-noise ratio, which is very suitable for the detection of RNA viruses and other trace RNA. It contains a special buffer system that makes reverse transcriptase identical to DNA polymerase when the maximum effect, improve the reaction efficiency. This product can be used to obtain a wider linear range, more accurate quantitative target cause, good repeatability, high credibility. ROX dye is used to correct the fluorescence signal errors generated from hole to hole in quantitative PCR instrument. It is generally used in ABI, Stratagene and other companies' Real Time PCR amplifiers. The excitation optical system varies from instrument to instrument, so the concentration of ROX dye must be matched with the corresponding fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument.

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