UltraSYBR One Step RT-qPCR Kit

This product is a one-step Real-Time RT-qPCR special kit. The SYBR Green I fluorescent dye can be combined with all double-stranded DNA, enabling the product to be used for the detection of a variety of different target sequences without the need for the synthesis of an hetero-labeled probe. This product is used for Real Time RT-qPCR reaction. Reverse transcription and quantitative PCR are carried out in the same reaction system. There is no need to add reagents or open the tube cover during the reaction process, which avoids contamination and improves the experimental efficiency. A new, highly effective reverse transcriptase, RNase H, was absent, reducing the degradation of RNA in the reverse transcriptase reaction. This enzyme has high reverse transcriptional efficiency and can perform a good reverse transcriptional response to a small amount of RNA template. High affinity with RNA, able to read through the RNA template with high GC content and complex secondary structure. The activity of the enzyme is blocked at room temperature, thus effectively avoiding the nonspecific amplification caused by the nonspecific binding of primer and template or primer dimer at room temperature, which greatly improves the accuracy of fluorescence quantitative PCR reaction. The contained buffer system enables both enzymes to function simultaneously Maximum effect, improve efficiency. This product has high sensitivity, high specificity, wide linear range and more accurate quantitative target genes.

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