2×Es Taq MasterMix (for PAGE)

This product is a premixed system consisting of Es Taq DNA Polymerase, Mg2+, dNTPs, PCR stabilizer and enhancer at a concentration of 2×. Es Taq DNA Polymerase has excellent properties of high amplification efficiency and low mismatch rate. The original MasterMix formula makes the whole reaction system very stable, the success rate of PCR amplification reaction is more than 98% of PCR amplification can be successful in one time, while complex templates can be amplified effectively, and can minimize human error and contamination. This product does not contain dye. After PCR procedure, appropriate amount of loading buffer can be added as required for electrophoresis operation. PCR products can be used directly for T/A cloning because most PCR products obtained by amplification are attached to the "A" base at the 3' end. It is mainly suitable for routine PCR reaction and gene cloning experiments which require high fidelity. The PCR amplified products are specially used for polyacrylamide coagulation detection

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