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This product is a cDNA first chain synthesis kit specially prepared for the first step experiment of two-step RT-PCR. This product package contains all reagents required for reverse transcription from RNA template to the first strand of cDNA, including HiFi-MMLV reverse transcriptase, reaction buffer, primer, dNTP, etc. The loss of activity of HiFi-MMLV reverse transcriptase H reduced the degradation of RNA in the reverse transcriptase reaction , making it easier to obtain full-length cDNA. HiFi-MMLV reverse transcriptase has the characteristics of high thermal stability, which can increase the yield of cDNA and is convenient to use. The system has high compatibility for subsequent PCR and quantitative PCR tests, compatible with various PCR reactions and DNA polymerase.
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CW0744M 100 rxns

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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