This kit is suitable for the efficient purification of total DNA, including genomic DNA and mitochondrial DNA, from formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. This product uses a specially optimized lysate and protease K to release DNA from formalin fixed or tissue slice samples without overnight manipulation. The digested samples were incubated at a higher temperature to remove the inhibition caused by formalin crosslinking and effectively improve the yield and purity of DNA. The optimized buffer system enables the DNA in the lysate to bind specifically to the silicone adsorption membrane, while other pollutants can flow through the membrane. Inhibitors of PCR and enzyme reactions, as well as residual impurities, can be effectively removed by a two-step rinsing process, culminating in a low salt buffer or water elution to obtain high purity DNA. Purified DNA can be directly used for PCR, Real-time PCR, SNP genotyping, STR genotyping and pharmacogenomics studies.

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Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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