EndoFree Plasmid Midi Kit

Endotoxin is a common pollutant in plasmid extraction. Since eukaryotic cells are very sensitive to endotoxin, the presence of endotoxin in fruit plasmids can greatly reduce the transfection efficiency of eukaryotic cells. This kit provides a new method for simple, fast and efficient extraction of endotoxin-free plasmids. The extracted plasmids can remove endotoxin to the maximum extent and effectively remove the contamination of DNA, RNA, protein, etc. This kit is suitable for the extraction of 5-15 mL bacterial solution. On the basis of alkaline lysis of cells, it uses a new silicon matrix membrane to bind plasmid DNA with high efficiency and specificity. Each adsorption column can adsorb plasmid DNA up to 100μg. The plasmid obtained by this kit is of high purity and stable quality, which is especially suitable for cell transfection. It can also be used for downstream experiments such as DNA sequencing, PCR, PCR-based mutation, in vitro transcription, transforming bacteria, and endonucase digestion.

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