Magbead Stool DNA Kit

The kit provides a simple, rapid, and efficient method for extracting DNA and is suitable for soil and fecal samples. In the presence of high salt, DNA binds to the surface of the silicon-based coated Magbeads. After rinsing, highly purified DNA is eluted in Buffer EBL or deionized water. The purified DNA has good purity (A260/280 ratio between 1.7-1.9) and high integrity (>15 KB), which can be used for next-generation sequencing, quantitative PCR, microarray detection and other downstream experiments. The kit can be matched with CWE2100 or CWE3200 32 channel nucleic acid extractor and CWE9600 or CWE960 96 channel nucleic acid extractor, simple and rapid high-throughput extraction, greatly reducing the experimenter's workload and human error in the experiment.

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Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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