HiFi II M-MLV (H-) Reverse Transcriptase


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HiFi II M-MLV is a reverse transcription enzyme in which the mutant M-MLV gene is recombined and expressed by Escherichia coli engineering bacteria. The enzyme can catalyze the polymerization of complementary DNA using RNA or DNA: RNA hybrid chain as template. The mutation of HiFi II M-MLV reverse transcriptase RNase H activity is lost, reducing the degradation of RNA in reverse transcription and facilitating the acquisition of full-length cDNA. HiFi II M-MLV reverse transcriptase can synthesize the first strand cDNA at 55°C, providing higher specificity and stability, and can synthesize up to 12 KB cDNA with high cDNA yield. It is suitable for synthesis of first strand cDNA, RT-PCR, RT-QPCR and construction of full-length cDNA library.
Catalog number Specifications
CW0743S 10000 U
CW0743M 200 kU
CW0743L 2000 kU

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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