RNApure FFPE Kit

This kit is suitable for extracting total DNA from stool samples, such as cells, bacteria,
parasites and viruses, as well as PCR reaction inhibitors with high concentrations. This
product can purify up to 300 mg of stool samples to obtain DNA fragments of 20-30 kb,
and the purification process does not require toxic solvents such as phenol or
chloroform, and ethanol precipitation. High-purity DNA fragments can be obtained
within an hour.This kit uses a unique buffer system to efficiently bind DNA in the lysate
to the adsorption column, while protein impurities in feces and other organic
compounds that inhibit downstream reactions can flow through the membrane,
inhibitors of PCR and enzymatic reactions, and residual Impurities can be effectively
removed by a two-step washing step and finally eluted with a low-salt buffer or water
to obtain high-purity DNA.The purified DNA can be directly used for enzyme digestion,
PCR, Real-Time PCR, library construction, Southern Blot, molecular markers, etc.

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