UltraSYBR One Step RT-qPCR Kit

UltraSYBR One Step RT–qPCR Kit is designed for Real-Time qPCR. The SYBR GreenⅠdye can bind to any dsDNA without using sequence-specific probes during the dectection of target sequences. Reverse transcription and PCR amplification can be performed in a single tube subsequently without opening between procedures. Therefore, the system is simple, and can minimize the risk of contamination. The lack of RNase H activity reduces the RNA degradation in the reverse transcription and makes it much easier to obtain full-length cDNA. The polymerase has high reverse transcription efficiency and high affinity which can be applied to RT reaction for small amount of RNA template and GC-rich template or template of complicated secondary structure.The new efficient hot start enzyme is inactive at low temperature or room temperature which can effectively avoid the non-specific amplification caused by primer dimer or the non-specific combination of primer and template, thus improve the precision of qPCR reaction. The buffer contained in this kit can maximize the effectiveness of the two enzymes above simultaneously.The kit is applied to a wide linear range and it is compatible with multiplex qPCR instruments without the need of ROX as calibration dyes.

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